Best 5 Programming Language for Mobile Application Development

In today’s topic, we will talk about the five best programming languages used in mobile applications.

You may have noticed that most people are confused about which language they should choose or work with for mobile applications.

Here we will talk one by one about five languages ​​that you can use to develop a mobile app. After reading this article, you will know which language is best for you. By learning this you can get a good grip on mobile apps.


Java is a very old and high-demand language. Using which you can create many types of applications. And despite being an old programming language, many developers still prefer it. Java is the best for mobile app development because it is an independent platform. Flexible. Is qualified. And it also works for language cross-app development. And the main point is that it is the most efficient. This will be quite efficient if you are developing applications using Java.


Previously, when we developed an app on Android Studio, its basic language was Java. That is nothing but Java. Google recently made Android Studio its official language. Named Kotlin. It can also be used to design great mobile apps. This language is also quite efficient. Kotlin’s syntax is very simple. In this language, you can implement your logic using a line of very few codes. Kotlin is a versatile language. Kotlin’s feature is that it generates more compact and simple code than Java. Many companies that develop apps using Android Studio now prefer Kotlin instead of Java. Because Kotlin’s Android Studio support is very fast.

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Swift programming language is used in iOS app development. If you want to go into iOS development, it uses Swift the most. In addition, Objective C also came to the market for iOS development. But she was not as efficient as Swift. So Swift is the language most commonly used to create iOS apps.


Dart programming language is also quite fast and efficient. This language is also called OOP (Object Oriented Programming). This language is used for cross-platform app development. Namely Android and iOS. If you are interested in developing cross-platform applications, Dart can be a good option. You may have heard of a framework in the market. This is called a filter. In this filter framework, you only work on the DART programming language. That’s why Dart can be a good and successful programming language for you. To be a good developer.

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JavaScript is the last language on today’s list. You might pause here and think that javascript is used for web apps. But here’s a very popular framework, React Native. Using which you can develop a native app. And these apps are very fast and efficient.

This is best for people who also use JavaScript on the web. This will allow them to develop hybrid apps.

Meaning here you can create three types of apps using the same coding. Web, Android, and iOS.

After reading this article, you can select any language of your choice and start working on it.

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