security5 Best VPNs for Mac: Anonymity and access to blocked content

Mac lovers will be delighted with this article. I will make sure to tell you how you can keep the prying eyes of those watching your internet activity on your favorite personal computer. Despite the differences between PC and Mac, the online risks to your privacy remain the same. The same goes for the solution. For this reason, once you have finished reading this article, you will know which is the best VPN for Mac that we recommend. It is possible to set up a VPN on your Macbook and all your macOS devices.

VPN on Mac: is it really necessary?

Yes, a VPN for Macbook and other devices is necessary! Especially in this digital age in which we live, where most of your data is available online. As Mac users, you will probably tell me that it is much safer to use your Mac than on Windows PCs, even without a VPN on your Macbook and other devices. You are partly right. You may think that antivirus is not necessary — you probably need it. What is certain, however, is that you need a VPN on your Mac to improve your online privacy security. Whether we are talking about a Mac or another platform, your activity on the World Wide Web can be recorded without a Mac VPN. Using a VPN on a Macbook etc. changes the security data a lot.

I will remind you what a VPN is for macOS and every operating system in general: we are talking about a network that creates a virtual “bridge” between the user and a server. So you need to log in to the VPN on your Macbook in a personal account with a username and password. Once connected, data is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel. You can thus browse the World Wide Web anonymously (something completely different from incognito browsing or incognito status as reported by many browsers).

Protect your privacy with a VPN on your Mac

Every day, log in to the App Store and install new apps to improve your life. This is amazing! How applications help us build our program, save time and reduce unnecessary tasks. Unfortunately, the risk of exposing personal data to intruders increases accordingly.

That’s why you need a VPN on a Mac. Companies initially created VPNs to protect their communication and avoid the risk of data leakage. The best VPN for macOS is the one that best encrypts all your data. Therefore, with a VPN on the Macbook, you can browse any website anonymously, read emails and write your passwords online securely.

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Additionally, a Mac VPN can hide your IP address and replace it with the VPN server address of your choice. If the government, the ISP, or any hacker spies on you, they will not be able to access your Internet activity. They can’t find your real IP address and location using VPNs on your Macbook and other devices.

VPN for Mac: connect to Public wifi securely

The first rule is: Always use a Mac VPN for your Macbook or other Apple devices. The second rule is: never connect to free Wi-Fi without a Mac VPN. It’s easy, as there are only two rules. Remember that free Wi-Fi networks are dangerous! You are not safe on public networks. You do not know when and who is behind each network. There is a real risk of connecting directly to the hacker device without even knowing it. Even a twelve-year-old can set a trap for you and gain access to your data.

Avoid free Wi-Fi and make sure you never write sensitive data. When you are connected to one of these, this data is completely unprotected and easily accessible to some.

Fortunately, there is protection: a Mac VPN. Most VPN services now offer software suitable for Mac OS X and other versions of the operating system. With a VPN for Mac, you can securely connect to free Wi-Fi networks.

Bypass geographical content restrictions

This is the most popular feature offered by VPNs. You can overcome censorship. The software will connect your Mac to a VPN to make you look like a user from another country. How; It will establish a link between your computer and the server located in another country. This server will then link to the web pages to receive the content and send it back to you.

The list of available spaces depends on each Mac VPN. You can use this feature to watch American Netflix or stream via AMC or use BBC iplayer outside the UK etc. It works in all countries and for all geographically restricted content.

The best VPN for Mac

To create this list of VPNs on Mac, I focused on three criteria:

  • graphical interface and simplicity: we all want simple software, programs that we run and do not let run without many settings.
  • Speed ​​of service: Indeed, you use a VPN on your Mac 24/7. So you need a perfect connection and high speed.
  • Significant cost: VPNs for Macbook and other devices offer cheap subscriptions, but some are cheaper than others. Many times they have the same characteristics.
  1. ExpressVPN: Evaluation 2021
  2. NordVPN: Evaluation 2021
  3. SurfShark VPN: Evaluation 2021
  4. CyberGhost: Evaluation 2021
  5. IPVanish: Evaluation 2021

These are the best VPNs on Mac. They all offer very reliable services. Therefore, when you subscribe to one of these to connect your Mac to a VPN, you have peace of mind as you protect your privacy and unblock geographically restricted content.

This was my guide: Best VPNs for Mac. Stay tuned for more articles very soon.

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